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To all of those who donated to our indiegogo campaign (March 5-April 6, 2013), we are so grateful for all your generous contributions. For those who helped us spread the word and those who took some time to watch our campaign video, we’d like to thank you as well, your support means a lot to us!

Although we didn’t reach our ambitious goal, the $7,063 that you helped us raise is absolutely vital for helping us to move into the production phase of our upcoming Model Minority event series. The funds raised through our indiegogo campaign have also brought us one step closer towards our goal of becoming eligible for Operational Support from the Arts Councils in 2014.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Model Minority series as we approach our first upcoming Spring event (announcement to come) as well as updates on the delivery of the campaign “perks”.

For those who donated, we’ll also add you to our mailing list so you can stay up to date about our upcoming events! For those who missed the campaign deadline and still would like to make a donation, Please scroll down and find a temporary donation station at the bottom of this page. It is available till the end of summer 2013.

If you have any questions or would like to be added to our mailing list please feel free to email us at to get in touch.

Warm wishes from the Gendai Indiegogo Campaign Team,

Maria Coates
Marilyn Jung
Chris Lee
June Pak
Maiko Tanaka
Haley Uyeda
Yan Wu

Minority Model: Gendai Gallery from gendai gallery 2013 on Vimeo.

What we're asking from you and why we need your help!

In order to continue operations and programming we're asking you to help fund our 2013 screening series while also helping us reach the eligibility criteria to apply for operating support from the arts councils. With the help from your generous donations we'll be able to fund programming costs related directly to our 2013 screening series, Model Minority. While also helping us reach our goal of being eligible to apply for operating support from the arts councils, which requires a minimum annual revenue of $75,000. Through project and capacity building grants, we aim to raise at least 50% of our goal, but we can't meet the full amount alone. We're asking you to help fund the other half by helping us raise $37,500. By donating to our campaign, you'll not only be helping us produce our 2013 Model Minority series, you'll simultaneously be helping us take the next step towards becoming a more sustainable organization by allowing us the ability to fulfill the criteria in order to be able to apply for operating support.

With our current funding sources it's not possible for us to sustain a full body of programming and administration. By being able to receive operating support, it would allow us the ability to fulfill these basic needs. We need operating funds to survive.

With a little bit from everyone, we can make it! We're asking you to help us get there.

Breakdown of what your donations will go towards funding:
Artist fees, speaker fees, screening fees, equipment rental, venue rental, vehical rental, production materials purchase, technical suppot, project coordinator, administrative support, designer, writer fees,copy editor, printing, marketing and promotion.



Besides our loving VIRTUAL HUG, an original haiku by Gendai's board members. Let's see if we can write 2000 haikus!


Did you like the soundtrack to our video? A specially recorded version made by the members of the Gendai Gallery along with musical accompaniments by special guests can be yours to dance to!


This tote bag celebrates Gendai Workstation's exploratory time in downtown Toronto. Get this limited edition of the Gendai tote bag (2012) designed by artist Shane Krepakevich. Plus you will also receive all of the above.


MODEL MINORITY EVENT TICKET + TOTE BAG Join us at one of our upcoming, critical and exciting Model Minority events in 2013 - 2014, (screenings, discussions and workshops). A pair of tickets to one of these events + our limited edition Gendai tote bag are yours!


Drawing from archival research, visual art, film, pop culture and theory encountered during our Model Minority program, we will produce a publication that will function as a kit for further reflection and action. There will be a special first edition print-run of the publication kit. Your name will be credited in this unique first edition! You will receive your exclusive copy in 2014.


A personalized tour (for you and four friends) of the special herb garden creation by artist Gina Badger. At the end of your tour, you will receive a special concoction of herbed bitters made from the garden. Book your tour now!


Did you like the spinning library in our video? This specially commissioned modular library signifies Gendai's social and creative spirit. As a Gendai supporter, your creative and social spirit can be captured by owning this unconventional "bookshelf" designed by architect and artist, Adam Bobbette. Show off your trend-setting side to your family and friends!


To show our deepest gratitude, your name will be permanently carved on our Mobile Unit by artist Alexandre David and travel with us wherever we go!

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