BAGART GAME Toronto Launch at Art Metropole

Sat Dec 5, 2009 - 1:00 pm - Sat Dec 5, 2009 - 5:00 pm @ Art Metropole
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Art Metropole and Gendai Gallery invite you to a party to celebrate the Toronto launch of BAGART, a game initiated by Shanghai art collective Birdhead.

Saturday Dec 5th, 1-5pm, @ Art Metropole

788 King Street West 2nd Floor, Toronto, Canada M5V 1N6

1:30 – 3:30pm Q&A Game by Birdhead (Virtual Presence)

“Save 88 Big Macs. Let’s play art!” – Birdhead

Toronto game players: Barbara Balfour, Emelie Chhangur, Anitra Hamilton, Jinhan Ko/Instant Coffee, Daisuke Takeya, Josh Thorpe and more to come!
Game players outside Toronto: Ding Yi, Hu Jieming, Liang Yue, Shen Fan, Shi Yong, Xu Zhen, Yang Fu Dong, Yang Zhen Zhong, Zhang En Li, Zhou Tie Hai, Wu Shan Zhuan

Installation in Progress at Art Metropole! Spraypaint!

Installing BAGART at Art Metropole

Q&A Game with Birdhead

Q&A at Art Metrople with Birdhead

Q&A at Art Metrople with Birdhead

Q&A at Art Metrople with Birdhead

In Nov 2009, Gendai partnered with Art Metropole together signed a one year contract with Birdhead and officially became the Toronto local representative of BAGART project. In the course of this contract year, Art Metropole will be the sole agent for BAGART sales in Toronto area and Gendai will be responsible for facilitating and documenting the local progress of BAGART project.

Who are you?

If you are new to this project, please refer to our program page BAGART-Birdhead Affordable Game for more information.

If you want to join the game as a collaborator, find us at and let’s play!

If you want to join the game as a buyer, find out further instructions at

If you are here to browse the available BAGART works, go to

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