Gendai Vectors: Commerce by Artist Reading Lounge

Oct 25, 2012 - Oct 29, 2012 @ Art Toronto 2012, Metro Convention Centre
reading lounge.jpg

Gendai in collaboration with Art Metropole, jointly present Vectors: Commerce by Artists Mobile Reading Lounge. Take a seat on the Mobile Unit by Alexandre David and browse through the publications and editions collected around the topic of Commerce by Artists by Art Metropole.

Find us at the publication lounge at Art Toronto 2012.

Vectors: Connections and Interventions is Gendai's latest in a series of exploratory exercises in exhibition, production and forms of communication in and around the art community. For Vectors, the custom designed mobile seating/presentation/storage unit—commissioned by Gendai and designed by Montreal artist Alexandre David—is deployed to activate and animate various host sites. More importantly, Vectors exploits and maximizes the inherent efficacy (i.e. mobility and adaptability) of the unit in order to instigate new alignments and opportunities with other sites.

Art Metropole recently published Commerce by Artists, edited by Luis Jacob, and designed by Jordan Sonenberg. The book documents a fascinating and sweeping range of artists' projects produced since the 1950s by Canadian and international artists who have sought to engage, rather than merely represent, the commercial world of which they are a part. The free Art Metropole Book Currency Prospectus further contextualizes this anthology. Designed by Chris Lee, it contains selected items currently disseminated through Art Metropole, plus contributions from Paolo Caffoni, L'escalier, Melina Giannelia, Antonia Hirsch, Ben Kinmont, Shane Krepakevich, and John Paul Ricco, among others, in addition to the Commerce by Artists collection.

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