The Mobile Unit Community Board

May 2, 2014 - May 11, 2014 @ Danforth Avenue

For this year’s Art of the Danforth Festival, The Mobile Unit will assume the role of an interactive Community Board for the East Danforth public! From March to May 2014, representatives from Gendai Gallery will travel the neighbourhood, gathering its ephemera and interviewing it’s devoted members. The intention is to not press art and installation onto this unassuming community, but to work within its roots, leaving lingering, helpful assets and celebrating its individuality.

The collected ephemera from these neighbourhood interviews will be posted on the Mobile Unit while its housed in the Linsmore Tavern - the headquarters for this years Art of the Danforth Festival. To learn more about the Linsmore Tavern and other neighbourhood businesses, check out some of our first few interviews on the Mobile Unit's blog.

Follow the Community Board blog posts here.

Come down to the Danforth to visit the Mobile Unit's Lemonade stand on May 4th! More details to come soon.

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