A Nested Situation: mMOCCA at Gendai

Jan 29, 2012 - Mar 17, 2012 @ Gendai Workstation at 1265 Bloor Street West

From January 29 through March 17 2012, Gendai Workstation shares its site with the main Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (mMOCCA)*, a slightly for profit, arms length agency that was founded mostly from wood and old nails in 2011 in the City of Toronto. The mMOCCA is relocating all the time. In each new location the mMOCCA redefines the heart of North America's most dynamic arts community. Its facility is modest in scale, impressive in design, and functions effectively as a nucleus of energies for cultural production and exchange.

This co-habitation of Gendai Workstation and mMOCCA acts as witness to the interplay of each organization's role in respect to their administrative functions and artistic productions. In this sense both organizations mutually override each other's domain in an attempt to (de)mystify the byproducts of this nested situation.

* It should also be noted that mMOCCA (main Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art) bears absolutely no relationship to the MOCCA (Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art), another fine institution located in the city of Toronto.

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Toronto, ON., The main Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art is pleased to present its upcoming programming at its temporary location at 1265 Bloor Street West.

Silent Auction Exhibition and Fundraiser – March 3rd
No Reading After the Internet – March 7th
FANDOM; Exhibition Opening – March 15th

For mMOCCA related media and other inquiries, please contact Maria Coates at mcoates@yorku.ca

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Shh! - Silent Auction at mMOCCA

Tue Feb 28, 2012 - 11:00 am @ Gendai Workstation, 1265 Bloor Street West

No Reading After the Internet

Wed Mar 7, 2012 - 8:00 pm @ Gendai Workstation, 1265 Bloor Street West

FANDOM opening at mMOCCA

Thu Mar 15, 2012 - 7:00 pm @ Gendai Workstation, 1265 Bloor Street West

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