Nihongo Art Contest 2011

Apr 17, 2011 - Apr 30, 2011 @ Gendai Gallery at JCCC
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Award Ceremony & Workshop: April 17 2:00PM - 4:00PM
Exhibition: 8:30AM - 10:30PM Daily

NIHONGO ART CONTEST 2011 will be featuring an exclusive exhibition of inspirational artworks by the students across Ontario who are currently studying the Japanese language. This year’s juried exhibition from students ranging from grades 1 to 12 - including the computer graphic illustrations – each unique in its own style, medium and representation of the Japanese character. The collected artworks will also showcase some pieces by kindergarten students and adults.

Nihongo Art is a unique way to express individualistic ideas about Kanji (Chinese Characters), Hiragana and Katakana words through illustration. Through Nihongo Art, children experience a different approach to learning the Japanese language, challenging themselves to create an illustrated artwork that embodies both meaning and character.

This exhibition will run from Sunday, April 17 and continue until Saturday, April 30 at The Gendai Gallery, located within the Japanese Canadian Culture Center. The opening event on Sunday, April 17, will include an awards presentation for the winning entries. This will be followed by an artist workshop lead by Mitchell Akiyama, which is open to children of all ages.

2011 Participating schools include:
Kingston Nihongo Kyoshitsu, Hillfield Strathallan College; Toronto
Kokugo Kyoshitsu, Nisshu Gakuin; St. Louis Adult Learning & Continuing
Education Centres; Nikka Gakuen; The Toronto Japanese Language School;
YRDSB International Language Program-Thornlea Saturday School, YRDSB
International Language Program-Unionville High School Tuesday Night
School, Northview Heights Night School, and The Valleys International
Language School

About Nihongo Art Contest

The Nihongo Art Contest was founded in 2004 by Yukie Uchida, a teacher of Japanese at Hillfield Strathallan College in Hamilton. She invented a unique method of teaching: she asked students to draw pictures that incorporated Japanese characters to embody a word’s meaning in the drawing itself. With the support of the Japan Foundation, the Ontario-wide contest was established and every year, hundreds of children in Ontario experience Nihongo Art while learning
the Japanese language.

Since 2005, the contest has been co-hosted by Gendai Gallery.


Nihongo Art Contest 2011 Award Ceremony and Workshop

Sun Apr 17, 2011 - 2:00 pm @ Gendai Gallery @JCCC

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