Supermarkham by L+

Sep 19, 2013 - Oct 13, 2013 @ MOCCA and Markham Museum
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Hong Kong based artist collective L+ occupied the Gendai Mobile Unit at the Markham Museum and staged an introduction to their Supermarkham project At Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) courtyard. The site at MOCCA also constitutes a mobile agent of Land|Slide: Possible Futures which takes place at the Markham Museum from September 21 through October 13, 2013.

Project events

September 19
2:30-5:30 PM

Project introduction at MOCCA, 952 Queen Street West.
3:30-4:30 PM
L+ in conversation with Land|Slide artist David Han
David Han is a film, video & digital media artist and educator living in Toronto. He received a BA in Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University and an MFA in film at York University. Often employing playfulness and absurdity, his work negotiates the liminal state between passivity and interactivity, fiction and non-­fiction, cinema and digital media. His most recent work explores the ways in which cinematic relationships with the screen are being challenged, altered and expanded by interactive technology. Han is a first-generation Korean Canadian. He grew up in Richmond Hill, a suburb or Toronto.

September 29, 3:30-4:30 PM
Artist talk + workshop at Markham Museum, 9350 Hwy. 48 (Markham Rd.) Markham, ON


L+ is a temporary organization, with a mission to promote spiritual advancement and community bonding through art, until it ultimately becomes a new religion. Established in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong in 2012.

L+ members
Tozer PAK Sheung Chuen (b.1977) is a Hong Kong-based artist producing a wide range of conceptual artworks including performance, intervention, and documentation highlighting the contradictions present in the absurd and mundane of daily life. PAK has developed an interest in the impulsive emergence of ideas in the process of artistic creation. He has featured in a number of exhibitions including the Venice Biennale 2009 (Hong Kong Pavilion). He was selected as the Outstanding Artist and Promising Figure by AsiaArtPacific in 2011, and received the Best Artist Award in the Contemporary Chinese Art Awards 2012.

Hei NG Ka Chun (b.1985) is a Hong Kong-based artist with a focus on the basics of life. His art unsettles city dwellers' relationship with nature. NG runs a rustic art space in the suburb of Hong Kong and incubates projects fostering connection between the rural and the urban. In many of his works, he puts a spin on industrially manufactured ready-made objects, presenting an alternative perspective that challenges the commonly accepted way of life. He also responds to social issues concerning fast-paced development in the city and preservation with interventive installations.

LEE Soen Long (b.1989) is a Hong Kong-based artist who developed an interest in digital and video art. LEE leverages the virality of digital images to communicate thoughts on cults in his city. By bringing to life mind-blowing interventions in the public realm with his co-workers, he exaggerates the eccentricity and somehow futility in popular and unchallenged ideas he himself and the community subscribe. LEE's work is always from the perspective of an ordinary member of society, and employs an empathic and entertaining approach that rallies audience for causes improving our city life.


Supermarkham by L+ is one of Gendai's recent adventures at Land|Slide: Possible Futures. In collaboration with Land|Slide: Possible Futures and the Chinese community in Markham, Gendai produced a new instalment of its on-going mobile project Vectors: Connections and Interventions. This new instalment includes commissioned works by Hong Kong based artist collective L+ and Chinese artist Xu Tan. Its format encompasses artist research residencies, installations, performance, social interventions, and relational workshops.


Land|Slide Possible Futures is a contemporary public art exhibition which responds to a world in transition where the past, present and future collide. The landscape of Markham, Ontario will be transformed by the work of over 30 national and international artists to explore themes of architecture, urban ecology and living history.

The site-specific artist projects are housed at the 25-acre, open-air Markham Museum from September 21 to October 14, 2013. Land|Slide brings artists, urban planners, ecologists, educators, civic leaders and the general public together in a unique community engagement initiative that pays homage to the past and imagines possible futures.

Working in a wide range of media – from film, sculpture, installation, and performance to digitized diaries, 3D projections, and augmented reality – the invited artists have been commissioned to reinterpret the site and draw out new histories and futures for a world in dramatic transition.

More on Land|Slide Possible Futures can be found at

This project's mobile presentation at MOCCA is generously supported by the Toronto Arts Council and MOCCA.

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