Tashme2: Early Works of Kazuo Nakamura

Apr 2, 2001 - Apr 30, 2001 @ Gendai Gallery at JCCC

Curated by: Bryce Kanbara
Coordinated by: Aiko Suzuki

Kaz Nakamura, was an exceptional painter who belonged to the illustrious group of abstract artists active in the 1960s, Painters Eleven, a Toronto-based group of painters that, propelled abstraction into the mainstream of Canadian art. Tashme2 featured early works by Nakamura, most notably those paintings that reflected his time spent in a WWII internment camp in British Columbia, and post-war Hamilton and Toronto. Over thirty paintings were on display and a catalogue was produced that accompanied the show. This exhibit represented the ideal opportunity for Gendai to bridge art, community and history, and addressed our goals of justly celebrating the work of a senior artist of stature, while it reached out to community audiences.

Bryce Kanbara & Gary Michael Dault
Photography: Jim Chambers
Editing: Aiko Suzuki
Design: Kagami Images
A beautifully designed, full colour catalogue is available for $10.

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